I am slowly converting all our files from DDS to DDL.

I have a file I want to add a new field to. I originally created the file with DDL in system i navigator (V7R1M0), so I navigate to the file, chose definition and created a new numeric field, remove nullable from the default and click ok. Field is added. But when I am at the file level and click ok, I get this error:
SQL State: 58004
Vendor Code: -901
Message: [SQL0901] SQL system error. Cause . . . . . : An SQL system error has occurred. The current SQL statement cannot be completed successfully. The error will not prevent other SQL statements from being processed. Previous messages may indicate that there is a problem with the SQL statement and SQL did not correctly diagnose the error. The previous message identifier was CPF5104. Internal error type 4406 has occurred. If precompiling, processing will not continue beyond this statement. Recovery . . . : See the previous messages to determine if there is a problem with the SQL statement. To view the messages, use the DSPJOBLOG command if running interactively, or the WRKJOB command to view the output of a precompile. An application program receiving this return code may attempt further SQL statements. Correct any errors and try the request again.

job log shows CPF2972 error writing to member and CFP5029 data mapping error. (I can't copy the job log)

If we add the field as null with default 0, it adds ok. Then we go back and modify and remove the null. This is a long way around. (I am working on a test file that has data in it.)

If we use straight SQL, it works ok. My partner is good with SQL, I am not, I need navigator's help.

So what is happening with system i navigator and SQL and NULL?


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