I have found it rejuvenating to keep up my web site. Learning HTML and all that goes with a web site has in fact made me provide better RPG solutions.

I get kidded about using scroll bars but users love them. Sortable load-all subfiles, where users can double-click a column heading and sort the subfile by that column is well received. It startles traditional RPG programmers when they click the column again and it sorts in the other direction, But they like the process.

So, yes, Pete is speaking important information to all of us. Like it or not, we are going to live only in the future, and no where else.

On 4/24/2014 12:03 AM, Pete Massiello - ML wrote:
Interesting post, reminds me of a guy 100 years ago, who said if they ever make me give up my horse for one of those new-fangled cars, I will not use it.

Social media is here to stay, embrace it, use it, or be left behind. The next generation of employees will know and understand the uses of social media, and to compete with this next generation you need to understand their thinking and how they operate. We have too many people in the IBM I community who don't embrace new technology, and after all people in IT are supposed to be change agents. Facebook, and posts about what you ate for lunch isn't the social media that I am talking about.


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