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On 4/23/14 6:09 AM, Bradley Stone wrote:
> About 2 and a half years ago I quit smoking, and Facebook. Facebook
> was easy, smoking was not. But I did it on the same day.
> Maybe LinkedIn will be the next easy quit. I really don't do much on it.

I don't do Facebook. Or Twitter. Or LinkedIn. Ever. For any reason, under any circumstances.

And my employer was informed, some years ago, that were he ever to give me a direct order to do so on behalf of the company, I would immediately collect my personal effects, and he would never see me again.

I have a REAL web site. And REAL friends. And A LIFE.

Just say NO to social media.

I agree to the sentiment, although LinkedIn is useful to maintain contacts. I keep the group memberships to a minimum. Deleted myself out of Facebook (there's a special way to do it or else they keep your stuff laying around). Twitter and the rest of them don't do anything for me. Got my blogs, that's about it.

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