Can't this be set by JOBD as well?

I do not have access to a machine right now, but that is what i cab recall.

Carel Teijgeler

On 11-4-2014 18:13, Mark S Waterbury wrote:
As soon as you sign-on, issue DSPJOB to see what the CCSID is set to.

If it is already changed to 65535, then issue DSPUSRPRF for your user
profile and page down to see if it has an "Initial program" specified.
If so, then you need to investigate that program to see if it is
changing the CCSID for the job ... if you do not see that in this
program, perhaps that program is calling some other program(s) that
might be doing that?


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 4/11/2014 11:19 AM, Gqcy wrote:
my interactive jobs have 65535, unless we actually run CHGJOB CCSID(37) ....

the system QCCSID is 37.

user profiles are either explicit 37 or *SYSVAL (mostly)

batch jobs seem to hold to what the user id is, the job will be.

but my interactive jobs don't hold to this...

I want my interactive job to be 37...

my user profile is set to 37.

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