Hello all,

I have been able to solve this problem. On my spoolfile I had to set the *DRAWER parameter to *FORMDF and the *FORMDF parameter to "F1C10110". This sets the layout of the form to have a top and left margin of 0.165 inches. Then, I had to configure the LPI and CPI parameters depending on the number of characters and lines per page, using the following formula:

CPI: characters per line / (page width in inches - left margin)
LPI: lines per page / (page height in inches - top margin)

So, using the above form definition (which results in a landscape PDF 11.68 inches wide and 8.26 inches high) and printing a report that has 183 characters per line and 66 lines per page (as defined in the PAGESIZE parameter), I had to use:

CPI: 183 / (11.68 - 0.165) = 15.89 --> 16.7
LPI: 66 / (8.26 - 0.165) = 8.15 --> 9

Using these values along with the above *DRAWER and *FORMDF parameters resulted in a pdf file that fits on the page AND has a left margin.

Thanks to all that have helped me with this problem!


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