At 10" of available width and 189 columns, you are looking at a CPI of about 19 character/inch. That would suggest to me a lines/inch of maybe 10 or 12? In any event, it would seem not worth printing as I can not imagine it being legible. Perhaps the printer can print to legal size paper? At 13" of available print width you are looking at something around 15 CPI; still small, but at least legible.

Having faced this problem several years ago, I found two solutions that seemed to meet user requirements better than spool files. One solution was to deliver the report in a spreadsheet and let the user deal with the printing isssues. (In my case, the users decided very quickly that their need for a printout was not all that important after all. It was right on their PC and they were happy.) The second solution was to deliver these reports as an HTML file on an Intranet page set up in the IFS. Again, users liked that solution. That isn't all that tough if you get someone to prepare your .css file for you.

On 4/9/2014 12:47 AM, Erwin Donker wrote:
Yes it is printing landscape. I have this problem with several large printerfiles, but the one I am currently testing with has 18 columns with a total of 189 characters.

Booth Martin <booth@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 8-4-2014 18:32 >>>
Is it currently printing landscape? How many columns are in the report?
On 4/8/2014 3:01 AM, Booth Martin wrote:
Can you also change your CPI parameter, perhaps to 12?

On 4/8/2014 2:39 AM, Erwin Donker wrote:
Hi all,
Last week I asked a question about Infoprint Server cutting off the text on a spooled file when converting to PDF. Thanks to suggestions from this list I managed to fix this problem by changing the LPI parameter on the printerfile.
I now have a problem with the left margin however. Before changing the LPI the PDF had some white space to the left of the text, but after changing the LPI this white space has disappeared and the text is now printed directly to the edge of the paper.
Someone suggested setting the page rotation to *AUTO, but I already had this parameter set to *AUTO. I tried setting "align" to both *YES and *NO but both options had no effect. I also tried setting a left margin myself (frontmgn 1 1), but apparently this gets overruled and had (again) no effect.
Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I can do to get my white space back (and still not have the text cut off of course).
Erwin Donker

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