No, but then you have to use the ASMI to set it prior to connecting the HMC.
Unless you get good at it, it's a royal pain, plus you need physical access.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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Does the FSP have to be DHCP? Can I assign a regular stagnant address to it
(like we do for every other server we have)?

I like it to have a regular stagnant address for a number of reasons:
1 - This allows us to use HMC's in multiple cities to control FSP's at other
locations than their own. Having an HMC down for a few days due to an
upgrade that went bad can be insufferable otherwise. Been there, done that.
2 - Sometimes I want to connect direct to the FSP using a browser version of
ASMI. Rarely, but does happen.
3 - If IBM needs to remote in that way I want that capability.
4 - I see no need to have security tighter on my FSP access than I would
have it for payroll, engineering drawings for medical devices, etc.

A regular stagnant address is how we currently do it for our three racks.
Getting a new rack in and our BP is quite adamant on a separate network.
Even claims that on certain large units your only choice is DHCP. That
statement has me thinking "What you talking about Cletus?".

Rob Berendt

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