I found an old PMR, each Ops Nav plug in must be manually removed, then install plug in will pull new from IFS.
So each time a new PTF comes out for a LPP that has Ops Nav plug in, the below needs to be done to keep PC current.
Is there a better solution?

From PC prompt
cwbinplg /REMOVE=IBM.BRMSPlugin
cwbinplg /REMOVE=IBM.AdvJobScheduler

Then check to make sure removed.
C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Plugins for IBM.AdvJobSchedule.

In the registry Delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\Client Access\CurrentVersion\AS400 Operations Navigator\IBM.AS400.Network\SYSTEMS\GARAGE\IBM.AdvJobScheduler
and the key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\Client Access\CurrentVersion\Selectively_Installable_Components\AS400 Operations Navigator\Plugins\IBM.AdvJobScheduler

1) When signing on to the netserver make sure you use the netserver name\userid for the userid parm. That should get you a good connection
2) If the plugin doesn't show check to make sure the plugin exists in the plugin folder and the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\Client Access\CurrentVersion\AS400 Operations Navigator\IBM.AS400.Network\SYSTEMS\yoursystem\IBM.AdvJobScheduler has a supported parm of 1. If it is 0 modify it to 1.

As to finding the version of the plugin that is loaded on the iSeries go to:
WRKLNK '/QIBM/PRODDATA/OPNAVPLUGIN/cwb3uijs.dll" and take an option 8 The creation date tells us the version.


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Subject: Ops Nav still using V6R1 pluggin after i5/OS V7R1 upgrade

Just upgraded from V6R1 to V7R1, but Ops Nav still showing V6R1 pluggins.
I remember an issue from way back that if the plug in exists on your :C drive, Ops Nav will install that pluggin instead of pulling it from iSeries latest SI level.
Does anyone remember or have the work around.
I think you have to manually delete the plug gin from the :C drive, then reinstall, which will pull the new plug in from the iSeries latest SI level.

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