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On Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:12:56 -0700, "James H. H. Lampert"
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It seems that our new ISP has something called "web address error
redirect service," that's enabled by default.

1. Is this ISP the one that you are using as a client such that you
are using its DNS servers for name lookups?

If so, what you are experiencing may have been going on for a long
time for people using other ISPs who pull this same kind of crap.

2. Or is this ISP the one that is hosting your website and the DNS
servers in question are the ones providing your IP address to clients
using any ISP?

In this case, it's presumably a wild card record for your domain and
your ISP should be able to turn it off. Depending on what kind of
capabilities they provide, you might be able to turn it off yourself
through some kind of control panel.

Another option, assuming that you control the domain registration, is
that you could move your name services from your hosting ISP to some
other service.

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