Raid 6 would mean you'd have to lose at least two drives to be wiped out.
Raid 6 with hot spare means you'd have to lose at least three drives,

Kind of like, which is better:
Raid 5 with a hot spare, or
Raid 6 with no hot spare
Either way, you'd have to lose two drives to be fried. I would think that
Raid 6 would be better if there was a risk the second drive would be lost
while the hot spare for raid 5 was becoming active and still rebuilding.

With Raid 5 you lose the space of one drive to striping (spread out across
all drives). How much do you lose to Raid 6?

Is there a performance degradation from removing one of your disk drives
of a 8 drive SCSI raid set to become hot spare?
I would think there would be two performance hits. One, dropping from 8
drives supporting the raid stripe down to only 4. The other performance
hit would be one less disk arm assisting while it's just sitting there
waiting to be hot spare.

Rob Berendt

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