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From: J Franz <franz400@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 12:13 PM
Subject: when v7r1 SQE is slower than v6r1 cqe

We have a large volume of .net based client code doing sql requests to our i.
At V6R1 is was performing reasonably well. Couple years ago we did have issues
when IBM made adjustments to cqe/sqe via ptf, and after db2 support involved
we did find the qaqqini derived index setting to *no would keep performance ok.
We do set a copy of it to *yes and have many apps use that qaqqini. There are many
posts related to this on this list.
Now updated a test partition to V7r1 and finding some of the problem sql is
going to SQE (and performing badly(68 seconds SQE versus 2 seconds CQE)).
This is old code, not well optimized, & when we previous sent to IBM they said
(at v6r1) sqe would not handle it well. Now at 7.1 and more executing code going
to SQE, it is again an issue.
Is there any ability to turn off the change (IBM sometimes creates a data area
to control version changes)?
Has anyone else felt this?
It's not a quick rewrite, and those developers long gone.
Jim Franz   

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