I agree, but in this case, there "old drives" in both asps, of several sizes, but no "slow/large" drives. The 2nd asp was not a part of the original setup in '08.

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It really depends on the disk controller, number of drives, drive types and speed, and size of drives.

4 2T SATA drives at 7200RPM will be slow compared to 8 320GB 15K RPM SAS drives.  SCSI performance can really slow things down compared to SAS.

Most Archive ASP's I have seen have been of few large slow drives to hold lots of rarely used data.  Would not put prod DB's there.

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Subject: performance diff if move 1 of several app data libs to asp 2

We want to balance our asps so asp 1 not so full, but don't want performance degraded.
If moved, user apps will be reading data from both asps. Asp 2 was orig set up years ago for old rarely used data.
--Auxiliary storage pools--   Over-       -----  ASP Media  -----
Name      Number   Type       flow Mirror   Size    Avail   %Used
*SYSTEM    00001 *SYSBAS       No   No      1835 G 206283 M  88.7
*NONE      00002 *SYSBAS       No   No    705650 M 222931 M  68.4
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