Hi Mark, I already used ADDRDBDIRE with the systems IP address as the RMTLOCNAME of the IP address...would loopback work better?
Thanks, Frank

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Hi, Frank:

Just issue:

That will add the "old name" back again, to the Relational Database
Directory Entries -- you can issue WRKRDBDIRE to see them all.

That way, your users do not have to change all of those documents,
etc. (preserves compatibility with the past).

Hope that helps,

Mark S. Waterbury

On 3/12/2014 1:07 PM, fbocch2595@xxxxxxx wrote:
Well, I know one thing that's affected by the DIRE change...users who run MS
mail merges are getting a panel that has our former system name on it. Does
anyone know how to change the data source on a MS Word 2007 mail merge?
Thanks, Frank

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Not sure what is affected but create a new entry with your system name. You
have to delete the serial number one first. Just record the settings before
deleting. I do that here as I name the systems and don't use the serial

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