Rob / Jim,

No backup site.
Yes, it should work.
Since BRMS recovery is done interactively from the console, I think you need to set up 3 additional console sessions, one for each drive.
The libraries should be fine, a library will not span multiple volumes.
Not true for the IFS. It was suggested to keep the IFS save at a single device.
F11 twice on the control group, I never saw this before.
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What really complicates this is your recovery plan. Are you going from a multiple drive library to a single drive library at your backup site? I know, you aren't planning on recovering at your backup site unless you take a missile hit during the upgrade.
If all your concerned about is a multiple drive restore using the same hardware I would think that BRMS should have this all figured out.
IDK how big of a library you'd have to save to try a RSTLIBBRM (to a different library) and get it to activate multiple drives.

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I'm preparing for production i5OS upgrade, V6R1M1 to V7R1.
Estimated down window is currently about 6 to 7 hours.
Dedicated save before 2.5
OS upgrade and post upgrade configs 1 to 2 hours
Dedicated save after 2.5.

I did a BRMS test save, using 4 devices instead of 1.
Reduced the save window to 55 minutes.
This will shrink by down window to 3 -4 hours, much more acceptable.

However, I know the BRMS recovery, if needed, will be more complicated
because of the parallel save.
Did anyone ever do a parallel recovery from a parallel save?

Thank You
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