Age. Your mean time between failure date on those drives has long since

The reason your "new" drives are failing is they are really old too.... And
were part of another system at some point.

Based on what I know of your environment I'll bet you would fit quite nicely
on 4 way box. Get your partner to configure one for you. Drops you to P05
to boot!

Too costly? Try losing two drives at once. It'll be cheap then.
Seriously that system is four processor versions behind and very soon 5
behind when IBM announces the POWER 8s. You just talked about replacing a
laptop, but you can't replace the one box that runs your business? Are all
your Intel servers and drives that old too?

There might be a hardware PTF or two that you don't have but only IBM is
going to find them. Firmware on the drives could be old too, but you can't
update that.

I'm sorry to get on a bit of a rant here but one of my customers just took a
hard crash on a P5 box and I was explaining the difference in what I'm
charging for several days work and the new machine is not that much. Pay me
now, or.......

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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System i 520 V7R1
Up to date on PTFS

System unit has 8 4326 drives Raid 5.
Expansion unit has 8 4326 drives Raid 5.

Since September, we've had 5 drive failures:

2013-09-23 DD003
2013-12-18 DD005
2014-02-14 DD004
2014-02-22 DD003
2014-02-25 DD001

All have been in the system unit. DD003 twice. Note that 3 of the failures
are in the last 11 days.

The one that just happened tonight was while bringing up the system after
replacing the internal 5755 tape drive. To add insult to injury, the system
is not recognizing the tape drive, so when the Raid 5 is done rebuilding we
get to start over with the tape drive.

What's causing these drives to fail? Each drive having an isue? Or
something else in the system?

Jeff Crosby
VP Information Systems
UniPro FoodService/Dilgard
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