Thanks, that worked great. I added it to the BNDDIR.


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Hi Rich,

When creating the program, you also need to ensure that BNDSRVPGM parameter
on CRTPGM also includes QSYSDIR/QAXIS10CC.

Nadir Amra

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I am attempting to consume an SSL web service. I used WSDL2WS to
the RPG stub code. When I try to use the axiscStubSetSecure subprocedure
set the SSL connection certificate, the *PGM object is not generated (the
program compiles, but does not create the *PGM object). The error in the
job log states the symbol axiscStubSetSecure is not found.

What module do I need to bind to use the axiscStubSetSecure?

I am temporarily getting around the above issue by specifying the
certificate in the config file. I would really like to use the above
SetSecure instead.

Thanks in advance,

PS. Sample code references would be appreciated as well.

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