On 2/24/2014 11:59 AM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
On 2/22/14 10:25 AM, Flensburg, Carsten wrote:
You can find an explanation as well as code samples on how to approach
that challenge here:

Thanks, Carsten and Chuck. From that, I gather (since JDBCR4 is open
source) the path of least resistance is to put yet another mod into my
enhanced version of JDBCR4.

Of course, knowing Scott Klement, I wouldn't bat an eye if the code to
do that is already present, fully documented, and just waiting to be

If I may take a moment to interject this public service announcement...

James probably knows this already, but our community at large may not be
familiar with the etiquette of open source projects. Generally
speaking, if one makes an enhancement that all users of the software
would benefit from, one is strongly encouraged to submit that
enhancement to the committer. Or at least post the changes in a public
forum where the rest of the community can benefit.

Open source works much better when there is a two way flow of changes.
Even if one is not making changes to the software, feedback on what
works and what might be improved is often welcomed by the active


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