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I am new to SFTP. As per the steps my server is configured for

Having suggested _the steps_ seems to imply that there is a single definitive source. If so, then presumably a link to that source could have been provided, instead of merely alluding to that source as documenting those steps. Perhaps the configuration steps that were utilized might not be so definitive, such that others more familiar with the topic could review them and offer either better sources or specific corrections to apparent errors that they see.

I have sent my public key to the remote server and they have
configured it on remote server.
Now when I am trying to SFTP to my remote server I am getting
Errors are defined below:
sftp -vvv asfc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Connecting to user§server.com...
OpenSSH_4.7p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8y 5 Feb 2013
debug1: Reading configuration data /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/SC1/OpenSSH/openssh-4.7p1//etc/ssh_config
debug3: RNG is ready, skipping seeding
debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0
ssh: user\247server.com: Hostname and service name not provided or found
Connection closed

Aside from the apparent character translation issue, called-out for attention in the below followup reply, the path for the configuration data, although apparently [and IME is generally] functional, seems suspect; i.e. an extraneous slash appears before the 'etc'.

Also suspect is the implied request as a mismatch to the feedback for "Connecting to"; i.e. I suspect the information given in the same appeal for assistance in the forum message at the following link provides a more accurate portrayal of the actual request that was made and the results seen:

A response on that other forum also suggests trying to use "the -oUser= parameter to specify the username" as a means to circumvent the issue; i.e. eliminate the need to specify the at-sign. Any feedback on what that circumvention attempt yielded?

And as someone else noted in a reply on this forum, the host name returned in the eventual error message seems suspect; i.e. indicative of a possible DNS issue, per having resolved from what was probably a server.com specification into the name 247server.com [although that reply had responded to the apparent but suspect prelive.litle.com specification].

I found actual problem but I don't know the solution.
Actual issue is when I am putting sftp -vvv user@xxxxxxxxxx, and
when it try to connect to server then it is converting @ symbol to
some junk symbol as §. so when server is trying to connect it is
taking server name as user§server.com

Is this issue with some ssh_config file??
I need help for this.

The issue with the character translation is surely related to the code page(s). But what is described, may be a simple presentation issue, unrelated to the actual functionality of the feature; i.e. the "Connecting to" feedback may simply be showing the glyph associated with the code point x'B5', according to the default language environment, rather than showing the translated character. That does not necessarily imply the wrong character was used elsewhere, nor that a [lack of] character translation issue is an origin for difficulties.

Regardless... In some Code-Pages\CCSIDs the @ character is at the code point x'B5' [e.g. 273 and 280], whereas in the CCSID 37 the code point x'B5' is the § character. Ensure that the language environment, for each of the device [emulation; keyboard KBDTYPE() and display CHRID()], user, job, and files [and any interfaces to display the data in\via those files] are all assigned the proper code page and character set and\or CCSID values. I would start by ensuring that all of the following User Profile attributes [the last is optional] are set properly for the user's language, before starting a new job that performs any new tests: LANGID CNTRYID CCSID CHRIDCTL SETJOBATR LOCALE SRTSEQ

0x7C SM050000 @ At Sign
0xB5 SM240000 § Section Symbol

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