Search for Larry Youngren. He speaks at COMMON about journalling.

There are a lot of options in journalling.
Are you just doing this to audit or do you want the capability to do
RMVJRNCHG, APYJRNCHG, ROLLBACK, COMMIT? Think whether or not you want
before/after images. STRJRNPF Record images . . . . . . . . . IMAGES
Some people want the full record in the journal, some only want to see the
changed bytes. CRTJRN Minimize entry specific data . . MINENTDTA
Unless you REALLY need it I recommend you omit open/close entries.
STRJRNPF Journal entries to be omitted . OMTJRNE

Then there's the whole argument about storing your receivers in a separate
ASP to not use the same disk heads. I just hate creating islands of disk
space so I don't do this. Think of it this way, too, when you
'virtualize' what's to stop the SAN from using the same disk arms in the
end anyway? Well, you probably could but will take some extra planning on
the SAN part.

Journalling can impact performance. We significantly reduced our month
end processing by purchasing
ID Option Feature Description
5770SS1 42 5117 HA Journal Performance

Which is a lot more positive way than saying "journalling significantly
increased our month end run time, but buy this and the hit goes away".

Remember, most LPP's have a 70 day key. Think of it a try and buy. That's
a lot better deal than the money we pi$$ed down the hole trying SSD's to
increase performance. The HA journal performance option had a much more
significant impact.

Rob Berendt

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