On 15-Feb-2014 09:05 -0800, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
With a packaged app, you can't change the files - the ISV has done
what they did for reasons, and they handle this stuff in their

So I suggest you use the setting to convert 65535 stuff - there's
really no other choice in your situation, I think.

That's a funny contradiction. The ISV tagged the data as binary for a reason [which includes ensuring no translation between encodings], Yet the recommended resolution is to override that decision of the ISV, by forcing the data to translate. :-)

Anyhow... there are other choices. While the Client Access data transfer [presumably] does not provide anything, other client utilities provide a means to properly obtain the JDE data... and JDE probably does as well. What is available to assist may cost extra, however. For example, IIRC, the company behind the IBM i WebQuery product sells a feature to get JDE data; as I understand, much of that is metadata to enable the feature to obtain the external form of the data rather than obtaining an essentially raw form for which its metadata is the record format of the externally described files.

And while changing the product files may not be an option, creating a VIEW or canned queries [perhaps as Stored Procedures] can effect the same as what some paid-for add-ons would do. Basically the question may be, to avoid /forcing/ the results which may give incorrect results, "Buy or Build?"

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