Thank you all for your great suggestions. I finally got it working.

On 10 Feb 2014 at 15:50, CRPence (CRPence <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>) commented
about Re: Transferring a CSV file to i5:

On 10-Feb-2014 15:06 -0800, CRPence wrote:
On 10-Feb-2014 14:46 -0800, Gary Kuznitz wrote:

I'm trying to transfer a .CSV file to an i5.

I tried using this cmd:
CPYFRMIMPF FROMSTMF('/home/garyt/LU127720140115.csv') +
I'm getting this error:
Message ID . . . . . . : CPF2885 Severity . : 30
Message type . . . . . : Diagnostic
Date sent . . . . . . : 02/10/14 Time sent . : 14:35:04
Message . . . . : Field Definition or Error file AUDITERORS in
KDICHANGES not allowed.
Cause . . . . . : File AUDITERORS in KDICHANGES is not the correct
file type for the copy command.
-- The Copy From Import File (CPYFRMIMPF) command require a
source, DDM, program described physical, or externally described
physical file for the Field Definition File (FLDDFNFILE) and the
Error Record File (ERRRCDFILE).
Recovery . . . : Do one of the following to change the file name
on the parameter and try the request again: -- Specify the correct
file type on the FLDDFNFILE, or ERRRCDFILE parameter.


This solved the problem:

Using a srcpf worked greatfor the error file. I couldn't get the PF to work.
It would have been nice to use the IFS file api's to read the csv
file directly, I didn't want to spend the time to
create the code from scratch. Some day I would
like to create it so I would have more editing
control of the data.

I did try the wizard and couldn't get it to transfer
the file. Once-Upon-A-Time I had a plug-in to
Excel that helped with the transfer. I have no idea
what happened to it.

Regards, Chuck

Thank you Chuck for encouraging me to post my resolution.

Thanks to all that contributed,


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