After last night's debacle, there is now a sign on the tape library
instructing the operators to check the write-protect switch.

It's printed in two different languages. I'll let you guess which two, and
Spanish is not one of them.

/rant on

This client decided some time back to outsource, even to the point of
telling their American employees that they had to now work for the
outsourcing company. That, of course, went over like a lead balloon. The
Americans all quit within a year. Apparently, chronically late paychecks
don't lead to platonic employment conditions (or a pleasant home life).

As for me, I'm contracted under the change management umbrella, since the
outsourcing company can't find anybody on the other side of the pond with my
qualifications. The fact that I am an iSeries veteran is extra gravy for the
change management group, since I can document for them where the programmers
have made mistakes.

Call me an outsourcer, if you will, but know this - I would never take a
contract to do something, and then round up a bunch of H1-B's to do the

/rant off

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Paul Nelson
Cell 708-670-6978
Office 409-267-4027

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Your comments always seem to indicate that you never miss a shot at
As if mistakes are never made by insourced people.
I trust you have no end of mistakes you can quote by out sourced people.
And I can probably name mistakes by in sourced people.
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you a consultant? Doesn't that make
you an outsourcer?
Let's not go down that road and keep this technical.

In summary, you're right. Users are insanely intelligent in debunking
foolproof systems.

Rob Berendt

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