Indeed the "hooks" comes from a tape-exit feature that is enabled as an effect of the MSE option being installed. The OS *CMD objects [e.g. SAV, SAVOBJ, SAVLIB, SAVDLO] and the save APIs are not modified by any IBM LPP install; neither when BRMS is installed (RSTLICPGM) nor when the BRMS LPP is deleted (DLTLICPGM).

Regards, Chuck

On 05-Feb-2014 13:47 -0800, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
BRMS also requires that you load <<SNIP>>
<ed: 5770SS1 OPTION(18) "Media and Storage Extensions">

Not sure if that is where the hooks come from.

But that's picking nits. Basically you just need to know they're all

"Voris, John"on 02/05/2014 04:41 PM wrote:

Also, when speaking of the virtues of BRMS, I don't think that
anyone has mentioned one other saving grace of BRMS.

When you install the BRMS software onto the box, anytime you
"save-to-tape", even when using a non-BRMS command like SAVOBJ and
SAVLIB, the BRMS database of tape IDs is checked, and if the tape
is not yet expired or has a *PERM retention date, the IBM commands
will not allow you to continue. So operator errors are eliminated.

And how? The IBM commands that have anything to do with
Save-to-Tape are modified during the installation of BRMS. That is
how they accomplish that piece of magic.

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