The web application should respond in under a second, so users will not feel it is slower than the green screen. Using RPG the web is very fast.

Sarah Kemp wrote:

I am actually converting an application I already wrote for the web to green screen >.<
Currently my users are switching back and forth between my web app and the bulk of our business operations which take place on the green screen.
If my web page load times could compete with the nearly instant changeover in the 5250 emulator I might have a leg to stand on, but between the longer load time and the lack of persistent session (and file locks) I don't think I can compete with the existing system.
We still have RPGII rolling around this system and all new development (aside from what I am working on) is in RPG/400. I am trying to convince our main programmer that RPGIV is worth using.


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The same energy you will need to fake the green screen into thinking it is modern can be pointed in another direction. A direction that many of us wish we were smart enough to go.

This a good, rock-solid platform. Why not use the platform and scrap the 5250 solutions? Go straight to the web browser solutions for your casual users? It is a learning curve, but unless I am way off base, it is doable for someone who understand the browser world.

I ventured into it with an "ice cream project" on my web site, but I just am not smart enough to go very far with it.

On 1/29/2014 10:05 AM, Sarah Kemp wrote:

It's true I'm coming from a web background. I can't remember the last time I made a page that was actually all located in one file so I am trying to get these green screens working with the same flexibility. I'm looking for a combination of CSS and a PHP (or ASP) 'include', which just grabs the header file (which could have standard config, output, and style information) and adds it to the page. I am ok with this 'grab' being at compile time rather than runtime, but I really don't like the idea of just having a template that I copy and paste into each new screen... what if something changes?

I'm really struggling with the limitations of DDS. I did see this preprocessor: Not being very familiar with iSeries terminology, it sounds like it might be capable of allowing a /COPY in my DDS. Has anyone had any experience with something like this?


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