Does running RUNQRY and specifying a file or files different from the one(s) you used to define the *QRYDFN - does that cause this effect? I wouldn't think so, but today I'm grasping at straws at work, might as well do it here, too!


On 1/24/2014 1:21 PM, Gerald Kern wrote:
Hi All,

We have a homegrown utility that will take a file name and use that to
determine any dependent logicals and build a list of physical/logical file
names and then search the system source code for their use.

The second step is to also search any queries that might be using the file
or one of it's logicals.

To search the queries we issue a DMPOBJ OBJ(YOURLIB/YOURQRY)
OBJTYPE(*QRYDFN) command which produces a spool file that we can then copy
to a data file and scan the data file for the file name(s).

So we ran this utility last night it reported a file name being used by a
query, but when we examined the query we found there was only one file used
in the file selection, and that file didn't have any dependent logicals on
that physical.

So we are kind of stumped as to why the dump shows a file being used that
clearly isn't. Could this dump data be residual from perhaps an earlier use
where maybe the file name seen in the dump was used in this query?

Or is there a better way to determine what queries use a file (and or it's
associated logicals)?

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