On 10-Jan-2014 08:44 -0800, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
<<SNIP>> And if ASP 1 is full and ASP 2 is only at 50% you would
need to add disks to asp 1 when your system actually has plenty of
physical space. It's these islands of wasted space that really
discourages me from using multiple ASPs.

Every cycle of CPU not being utilized is similarly /wasted/ capacity, yet the same perception is rarely held with regard to its utilization; mostly because the capacity was /planned/ to cover what was required spanning times of greater need for that resource. Of course for that, there is possibly CoD built-in; a less plausible concept, similarly for online storage.

As long as the secondary ASPs are not the /old-style/ that prohibit libraries, they could be used in an emergency [arising apparently, from poor planning... just as could be considered, any extremely excessive capacity on those secondary ASPs]. Such an ASP with extra capacity could also be used, with proper planning, to store some seldom-referenced data or ¿whatever? else that does not impact the journaling environment too much.

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