On 10/29/13 4:15 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 10/29/13 3:40 PM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
I've got a problem with a CL program that's restoring a logical
saved from a generic library into a library that might have an
out-of-date version of that logical, then adding records to the
underlying physical.

It's throwing a CPF5090, because it's updating the PF before the
access path in the LF is ready.

How do I get it to either (1) rebuild the access path explicitly
and synchronously,

1a) Open the Logical Database File Member that defines the Unique
keyed Access Path, using a keyed access method; e.g. Open Database File

Thanks, Chuck. That seems to have done it.

Before your whole list of things to try arrived, I was about ready to just MONMSG the CPF5090, doing a DLYJOB and a retry, but assming that would have even worked, it would have been way too kludgy for my taste.

And near as I can tell, (1d), the CHGLF idea, wouldn't have actually accomplished anything: I'd already looked at it, and the helptext says it just marks the file for asynchronous access path rebuilding.


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