If things are actually printing in strange places, be sure to check WRKWTR device name versus option 8 to the OUTQ name. Sometimes creative users assign a different queue to a writer (using the *BASIC interface). Ending the writer and starting it again will put it back to its default.

If you see them going to the wrong queue, my first guess would be the scope of the override. As we started mixing in ILE, we had to change a lot of overrides to *JOB scope.
Sean Porterfield
From: Graves, Chuck
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2013 13:13

After 20+ years I thought I understood this, but...

I suddenly have printed reports going all over the place and NOT to where they should be going. Something has changed and I fear that chasing it with a shotgun has complicated matters

Is there a chart or something that explains the hierarchy of *JOBD, *USRPRF, outq parameter on external printer files etc. etc. as to where something prints? I'm doing OVRPRTF and CHGJOB commands in CL, which are NOT directing reports to where I want them to go.

I have many if not most *USRPRF which are defined as *SYSVAL on the PRTDEV parameter, others with *WORKSTN, and mixtures of *WORKSTN & *DEV on the OUTQ parameter.

And where does the OUTQ parameter on a device description come into all of this..

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