Sorry, I thought my opening comments were clear... that I understood that a PTF had been applied to resolve the specific issue. And that I was intending to offer additional information about the side effects and additional recovery that might be necessary as corrective action beyond application of the PTF and then deleting the file [since enabled, per the since-corrected /damage tolerant/ capability for the database delete via Delete File (DLTF)]... along with my typical [effective] rant that error message details should include their /context/ so they can be better understood.

FWiW, what I did not include in my prior reply, that one of the SQL request to either DROP VIEW or DROP INDEX likely would have been a circumvention to effect the delete, because the SQL was likely still properly coded to be tolerant of the damage, and would pass the request on to the QDBDLTFI as the database-delete-file feature. Of course the other issues I had noted as potential impacts and the possibly necessary recovery actions would still apply; i.e. irrespective of how the physically damaged file was deleted, due to /tolerance/ of the damage, there are potential negative side effects yet to be encountered.

Regards, Chuck

On 15 Oct 2013 09:05, Neil Palmer wrote:

I posted additional information on Oct 12 with the fixing PTF #'s and
applicable APAR #'s.

<<SNIP>> CRPence on Sunday, October 13, 2013 3:20:42 PM wrote:

On 12 Oct 2013 09:25, Neil Palmer wrote:
I have a damaged logical file in a customer data library that I
can't get rid of. <<SNIP>>

That issue is already resolved by a PTF. Some other comments,
including about some additional /recovery/ actions for this
specific [type of] incident, and as general edification [for the
archives] are offered. <<SNIP>>

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