From a pure 'what causes the system to count a user' perspective it's a user profile that is NOT an IBM profile that is *ENABLED. Not if the user is running a job or 2 jobs or 200 jobs, just being enabled is enough.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 8/23/2013 7:18 PM, CRPence wrote:

On 23 Aug 2013 14:16, Jerry Draper wrote:
When counting users on an IBMi system, who counts as a user for IBM
licensing considerations?

Certainly interactive users would count but what about application
batch jobs that run continuously?

I would guest that any job running under an IBM Q profile would not

The following web search could be helpful:

One link that should be found with the above search:
IBM i 6.1 Information Center -> i5/OS and related software ->
Maintaining and managing i5/OS and related software -> Working with
software agreements and licenses
_i i5/OS licensing on IBM system models that offer user entitlements i_
"On certain system models, i5/OS® licensing consists of two types of
entitlements: user entitlements and processor entitlements. Review this
information to understand concepts, requirements, and procedures that
are associated with user entitlements and processor entitlements.

The above doc can be found in the IBM i 7.1 InfoCenter with Search:
licensing user entitlements

That link follows; the "i5/OS" changes to "IBM i", thus why the web
search found the v6r1 vs v7r1 docs:

The counted /user/ is irrespective of under what user profile the
access is performed; i.e. even if all work on the system, all jobs, were
performed under one "IBM Q profile", the count of users according to
user-based entitlement does not therefore remain zero nor one. The
/user/ is the human resource _behind_ the access to the system. Any one
human resource behind an access to the system may be eligible without
being counted. The system had been and probably still is unable to
properly count the humans behind the accesses, so any counters it
provides are merely an attempt to provide _some_ details regarding
/potential/ compliance, even if they provide effectively zero value to a
particular setup.

Refer to the "IBM i user entitlements" in the above 7.1 doc link
[i5/OS in the 6.1 docs] with regard to how a /user/ is the *person*
being counted.

Refer to the "User profiles and IBM i user entitlements" in the above
7.1 doc link [i5/OS in the 6.1 docs] with regard to how /user profiles/
contribute to the counts, but read the full page of documentation to
understand how the UsrPrf object is not the arbiter of the /counts/ for
entitlement compliance. More specifically, refer back to the
aforementioned /user entitlements/ for what really matters for ensuring

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