Ah, so to put this more blatantly:

scp -v ${PEDID}@${SERV}:${PATHE}$1 ${PATHO}
Won't work if
scp -v blah@blah:path-is->=-variablename+whitespace-between-names?

For instance, if ${PATHE}$1 is greater than 13 or 14 characters, then it becomes an issue? But if it's shorter, then it should work OK?

Not that I'm having an issue, but trying to see what the issue could be.

Clay Carley
Sonic.net/ Sonic Telecom

On 08/14/2013 11:07 AM, Scott Mildenberger wrote:
What Chris is saying could make sense if one or more of the parameters are now bigger than they were previously. You may need to add more spaces.

Scott Mildenberger
Davis Transport Inc.
Missoula, MT
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Original script had one space between the two parameters. Nothing was truncated. The single space between scp and the first parameter was left alone, but the space between the parameters was totally removed.
Replacing the single space with 4 spaces had the same result - single space following scp and no space between the two parameters. Also, nothing truncated or mangled.

John McKee

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Chris Bipes <chris.bipes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have run into something similar to this before. The problem being that the shell parser would build the command, expanding the variables. It would not insert white space between the parameters so you had to put enough spaces in the line to hold the expanded variables. Try adding a few more blanks in your script and see if the expanded variables still generate the line all run together.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.

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