Im trying to use an existing 3GL program and not touch the program - rather front-end it with a record selection utility. Is there a way in CL to ignore commitment control requests farther into the stack for later program calls?


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On this one I'd look at embedded SQL and get away from OPNQRYF - yes, I know that Chuck recommends OPNQRYF a lot - but it's really old technology, uses the classic query engine, all those things.

Now I can't guarantee that embedded SQL will work, but I see a better change that commitment control will be respected, than there is with an ODP constructed with OPNQRYF, which will not have any journaling against the virtual file that it is.


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PGMA reads a file sequentially and prints a report.

I would like to add an OPNQRYF cmd in front of the PGMA call as follows:

Ovrdbf inputFile share(*YES)

OPNQRYF inputFile QRYSLT(SpecialCode = "A")

The resulting report should have only records which satisfy the QRYSLT.

Unfortunately PGMA is using commitment control and I receive the following error:

Commitment control not valid for open of member PCCOMM.
OPEN failed because file cannot be placed under commitment control CPF4293, CPF4326, CPF4327, CPF4328, CPF4329.

It appears that it is complaining that the inputFile is NOT journalled (even though the underlying PF is journalled).

Is there a workaround?

Should I use CPYFRMQRYF and then journal the output file? Then delete it?


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