Certainly for users who don't do frequent PTF updates this is potentially a nice deal. Order this and the Cume and you're pretty well set.

Note that both the Cume and this new group include the HIPER and DB Groups so that's duplicated.

Not sure how much it matters but this does include THREE different Web Query groups, and FOUR different WAS groups plus an MQ group. Clearly there will be heavy overlap between the WQ and the WAS groups so this might be just a nit.

Biggest problem I see is the 'granularity' here is none. That is, IBM updates the Print group (small) and you get to download this massive update to stay current. Sure you can just download the Print group at that point and add it to a catalog containing this ALL group too.

Also note that if you allow Fix Central to connect to your system to determine the installed fix levels you will only be downloading the Delta between your system and this new group. Therefore the more current you are on PTFs the smaller your download. BUT (and you KNEW there was a BUT) this method does not work well with multiple partitions that are not strictly identical as you can end up missing PTFs on some systems.

The size of this when ALL Ptfs are included is 19.1GB!

Compare that to ordering the groups separately and you're well over 30GB so that's more than 1/3 off! But you always could combine them yourself to save space.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 8/9/2013 9:19 AM, Bryan Dietz wrote:

SF99711: 710 All PTF Groups except Cumulative PTF Package
PTF Group Level: 1
Last Updated: 8/8/13
How to Display: WRKPTFGRP SF99711

Description: This PTF group includes all PTF groups for the current
IBM i release except the Cumulative PTF Package PTF group. The PTF
groups are included by listing them as related PTF groups. Use
option 9 (Display related PTF groups) on the Work with PTF Groups
(WRKPTFGRP) command to display the included PTF groups.
Planned Update Schedule: Updates to this PTF group will occur if a
PTF group is added or removed for the current IBM i release.

Very interesting concept.


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