1. Make sure your flat PF file field length 400 with field type "O"
2. use FTP command LTYPE C as400DBCSccsid before put command, as400 DBCS
Simplified Chinese 936, Traditional Chinese (extended range) 937.

Best regards


於 2013/6/26 上午 04:09, Robert Engelhardt wrote:

Hi All....

I have a PF (flat file, 400A in length, containing comma separated data) on
the iSeries that I want to FTP over to a WINDOWS FTP Server.
I'm using standard FTP commands and I am *NOT* changing the type to BIN.
The file contains english and chinese characters.

This is a reasonable facsimile of the simple script I'm using....both
servers are within the same firewall.

*FTP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx*
*CD /windowsDirectory*

This creates a .csv file on the target server, where the english characters
display fine, but the CHINESE does not.

I've only done the following to accommodate DBCS:
* Made sure my PF on the iSeries has field type (in DDS) of 'O'.

Can anyone please tell me how to FTP this file and have both the english
and chinese show up in the target server file?


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