On 25 Jun 2013 13:58, Hoteltravelfundotcom wrote:
We have 2 files which contains warehouse locations data. They are
basically the same file but each has its record id and all fields
will conform to record id in the first 2 positions.

For reporting purposes, I can use 1 file but by just adding records
one to the other, I get the 2 sets of fields.

Is there a simple way to make this one file with one set of fields
that is instead of AABIN and BBBIN just AABIN.

I think with an RPG program I can write all fields to the new name.
But wondering is there a simpler way.

Given that nebulous description of the scenario, with a dearth of the specifics that should allow someone to offer an intelligent reply that will not be easily discounted\dismissed as impossible due to some restrictions that might be encountered... I believe the obvious solution is to use any non-RPG requests ;-) Any of OPNQRYF, CPYF, FMTDTA, COPY, IDDULINK, DSNQRYAPP, REXX, SQL [procedure result set, UDTF, VIEW, QMQRY, or ?], C, C++, JAVA, or something else might just provide a "simpler way" to effect whatever is desired :-)

I would be more confident in any reply I might offer, for example, if only I could intuit or divine the specifics of the "files", even possibly what are the data\types, and whatever already exists for the reporting purposes; i.e. what that existing feature requires, what form[at], to consume the data. But for the lack of a crystal ball, the actual details would probably be better than what I might conjure.

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