The more I look at this the more I am sure that Becky and I are on the
right track.
First of all, you change the expiration date on the data on the tapes you
want to write over, which really flabbergasts me. This takes the data on
the tapes from expired to active.
Then you run a move media. Well, the first thing the system is going to
say is, "Hey, we've got some active data here. We better move these tapes
offsite. Let's start chucking them into the I/O slot(s)."
And, only after you've ejected the tapes, you try to start a save?

Can you see what's wrong with this process?
I think it all begins with you monkeying around with the expired dates.
That means the data on the tapes. It does not mean "gee these tapes are
really old and should be tossed into the trash".

Rob Berendt

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