The problem is that you are asking "homework" questions. They are not strange or interesting problems that have no information yielded by google or reference manuals but more basic issues that come from simply educating yourself or paying for education. Some of the questions are borderline and there are a lot of very nice helpful people around here but I am sure a lot of people are rolling their eyes on each post.

The people who complained that you made the system slow also should be able to tell you what indexes you aren't hitting and how to fix the issue. That's a basic organizational workflow that we deal with often in our environment handled entirely inhouse without mailing list posts.

You gain a lot more from researching and figuring out the problem yourself but as long as people are answering your questions feel free, posting to mailing lists is a lot easier.


On 06/04/2013 09:57 AM, Crystal Reports wrote:
This is a lie Bill. You are making a statement that is a lie.
I honestly don't understand what is wrong with having a general discussion about system performance. WHy should I not want to see if I can help the system? And for those not aware, CR does not update any tables.

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