On 30 May 2013 14:12, Jim Oberholtzer wrote:

Is there a way to determine which jobs on the system have an iASP
group set in CL?

I haven't dug into the APIs too deeply yet and thought someone must
have figured that one out by now.

Perhaps using the same as what is used to provide that information from the available functions [including, to obtain a list of jobs using an iASP] found under the "Disk Pools" navigation. I do not recall if the "Disk Pool Groups" navigation enabled a similar feature, but from the combined output of both the primary independent ASP and secondary iASPs of a disk pool group, the distinct list of job [threads] listed across those iASP should suffice. I am unaware of what method would obtain the secondary independent disk pool(s) under an "ASP group" [named by the primary ASPDEV], if not defined in cluster resources, for which IIRC, the cluster APIs would probably suffice.

_i Open List of ASPs (QYASPOL) API i_
The Open List of ASPs (QYASPOL) API generates a list of ASPs or information about an ASP. This can be any of the following:

* ...
* Jobs using an independent ASP.

Format YASP0600
Identification of the jobs and their threads currently using an ASP. Records of this format are returned only if the ASP is an independent ASP.

For reference only, a representation of navigation to Disk Pools:

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