I've used an air compressor on my equipment for years without issue. Even
when I'm fixing a neighbor's/friend's computer (you know, they're always
CAKED with dust). It also works great for RC cars. lol..

My 515 is heavy so I only take it down to the shop once every couple years,
though (normally when I need to replace the disk cache battery).

But, I have one old Toshiba laptop (maybe 8 years old) that is an "everyone
can use" laptop that will be there in the entry way until it dies.

Every couple months when I hear the fans running heavy on it (just sitting
there not doing anything) I take it down to the shop and blast it with the
compressor. Then it's fine and runs normal temps.

Yes, I'm one of those that never turns off any computer (monitors are set
to shut off after so long though).

And no, I won't change my ways with the compressor or shutting them off. :)


On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 4:01 PM, Pete Helgren <pete@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Actually, I'd never recommend skipping HW maintenance *unless* you are a
single person *development* shop (or very small). If I can't get to my
box for a day, it wouldn't be an emergency. Yeah, my web site would be
down and there might be some stuff I'd have to work around, but it
wouldn't be a big deal. I can get plenty of programming done in Java,
Ruby or PHP without my IBM i for a day or two. As long as I could fully
restore (living without a backup/recovery plan would be foolhardy) even
a few days of downtime wouldn't kill me.

BUT! Every customer I have had has been on HW maintenance. I always
want them to be able to get immediate HW/SW help from IBM because there
just ain't anything better than IBM HW/SW support. Nothing! Just
because I like to DIY it and get my hands dirty so I get to know my i in
a more intimate fashion, doesn't mean I want to do that for my
customers. I want my customers to keep on keepin on. So they all have
SW/HW maintenance in the very rare chance that they might need it.

Pete Helgren
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java

On 5/9/2013 2:30 PM, DrFranken wrote:

Your record is amazing! Now before a lot of people read that and
to cancel maintenance do consider how important the machine is to your
business. This stuff IS reliable but it does still fail. I HAVE seen
processor failures, memory failures, controller failures, DASD
Back-plane failures, and the usual DASD, Tape Drive, Tape, etc failures
too. I've see it caused by fire, flood, lightning, fork-lift and almost
by a roll of conveyor belt (That one got hung up just before it landed
on the system!)

All I'm saying is eventuality everyone's luck runs out and if you
at 5:01 on Friday with no contract, "Next Business Day" is Tuesday!
Think about that......

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


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