Rob -

I consider myself of the former group [except having 30 years of experience], but I have worked with many more of the latter.

I also have Eclipse installed on my laptop, and in my lab I have installed [and working knowledge of] SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11i, MySQL, Postgre SQL, and the JDBC drivers necessary for using each of these databases from Java.


Rob wrote:

I recently had a discussion with someone on the difference between someone
with 20 years of experience, and someone with 1 year of experience,
repeated 20 times.
The difference being:

One person has moved from RPG to RPGLE with subprocedures, free format,
etc. They have used a number of APIs and could write one from scratch.
They've used some Scott Klement techniques and could tweak them around.
They've written some report programs that have went straight to Excel
without having to convert a spool file or even run through CPYTOIMPF or
whatnot. They read up on magazines and actually try some of the
techniques. They attend their local user group meetings and have put some
of what they've learned there into practice. IOW, they know what the
speaker is going to talk about and not just what's on the menu for
tonight. And a host of other stuff.

The other person has done a bang up job of tweaking ORD500 all these
years. And maybe modified a W2 print program just enough to match new
government regulations.

This discussion came up because we recently had a gentleman retire and
we're trying to decide between an experienced RPG developer or some fresh
college grad. Both have their pros/cons.

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