To answer a couple previous questions, yes it is an HMC managed machine.
I do need to IPL off CD if I'm trying to use the fiber attached drives to recover.

Ok, so another (third) IBM technician is on site and was able to get the IPL from CD and verified that the disks looked ok but the RAID controller that they put in earlier is having a problem. They are stating that (I'm getting it third hand) that the controller has data in it's cache and that in order to clear it, we'll have to wipe the partition. That seems ridiculous. I'm not sure why they can't disconnect the battery and let the cache drop, reconnect and plug it back in.

With all the used parts out there, wouldn't this be happening all the time? The just got another controller drove in from Austin but they think they will have the same problem.

My machine was powered down gracefully before they started work so it should be fine. Now I'm relying on one copy of a backup on tape drives that were giving me problems.. that's what they whole maintenance was about.

So, to anyone still around. Does that seem likely, that the cache on this replacement controller is going to cause me to reload my system?

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