I like this idea of looking at program statistics - that's a thing I usually skip over in DSPPGM.

An alternative - IF you compiled the program with *LIST debug information - is to STRDBG, then show the listing - this can reveal a difference between source and compiled object.

Just something I do sometimes! Like just a few minutes ago, but I'm getting ready for sleep!

BTW, I always use *ALL for debug info in ILE compiles in Development. Time for sleep - I forget the parameter name!


On 4/18/2013 6:21 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 18 Apr 2013 14:47, Stone, Joel wrote:
Note: I now have 4 parms on both the command and the CPP, but still
get CPD0162 error "Parameters do not match those in program SET_ENVR"
That is a run-time error for the invocation of the command, and that
diagnostic message is followed by the generic escape CPF0001 for command

So although the source has 4 parameters declared, two possible
origins for which that error remains:
Was the CL program re-compiled from that updated source, and if so,
is that recompiled program the first in *LIBL per "Parameters do not
match those in program SET_ENVR in *LIBL."?

When that error is received, immediately issue the following request
to review the current definition of the program, for its "Number of
parameters" under the heading "Program statistics":

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