On 11 Apr 2013 13:23, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Yes, you're right. The format in that file stays consistent.
Perhaps he was concerned about what he's comparing it with.

Well like most posts asking for help, they are woefully incomplete for what are the actual requirements; all too many assumptions must be made by the reader. At least this was not another intentional obfuscation for which perhaps there would have been no mention that the format for QADSPOBJ was being used; instead just a mention of some MMDDYY character field, possibly not even clarified char vs numeric or even possibly no type or length having been noted, then from a new message twenty posts later or even in a new message thread, mostly just bad guesses and\or questions trying to pry relevant details, to learn that there was a /century/ indicator column in the database file all along!

So anyhow... I did not recall any reference to a value to which there would need to be a comparison *in this message thread* so I figured there was no such need :-) Taking into account a prior message thread, perhaps with the subject "Query/400 list of objects by date", one might infer that the eventual goal might include *selection* from that "list" of *QRYDFN objects in the DSPOBJD output file rather than just *ordering* the list, whereby there is a particular object with a date of "March 31" give-or-take several days. But that was a different thread, oh so long ago ;-)

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