Thanks chuck,
Do I need to write the logic in program and place them in some particular location, from there QPWDVLDPGM will pick up.
is it that way.

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3) Include upper case and lower case along with special character in

As we are using V5R4M0 version there is no option of QPWDRULES and
this new feature is in I.6 version.

please suggest if there any alternative thing to do this.

  Perhaps QPWDVLDPGM would be acceptable; i.e. by allowing user code to
implement the rules, for lack of those particular rules being provided
via the other password rule system values.
_i Password system values: Password validation program i_
"Specifies whether a user-written program will do additional validation
on passwords or not. (QPWDVLDPGM)

Password validation program is a system value that is not in iSeries™
Navigator. This system value provides the ability for a user-written
program to do additional validation on passwords.
_i Password validation program i_
"This system value provides the ability for a user-written program to do
additional validation on passwords.

The current and new passwords are passed to the validation program
without encryption. ...
_i Validate Password Exit Program i_
"Required Parameter:

  1 Validate password exit information  Input  Char(*)
  2 Return indicator                    Output  Char(1)

  Exit Point Format Name: VLDP0100

The Validate Password exit program is called when a Change Password
(CHGPWD) command or Change Password (QSYCHGPW) API is executed. The exit
program is called after the password composition rules have been checked.

The exit program examines the old and new password values for
conformance with customer unique password composition rules. The exit
program returns an indication whether the new password should be
accepted or rejected. ...
Note: The QPWDVLDPGM system value must be set to the value *REGFAC. If
the QPWDVLDPGM system value contains any other value, the validate
password exit programs will not be called.

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