Hi Joel,

If you have TAATOOLS there is a command called WRTSRC that does this.

Copy the contents of the DTAARA into a Variable in your CLP and then call
WRTSRC to write this variable to a Physical File.



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No 3rd party stuff. All internal.

Performing an ETL function, dropping the output files on a network folder.

Need to drop a single sentinel file on another network folder telling a
network scheduler that the ETL files are ready to pick up.

I keep a data area showing the ETL start/end dates/times. I would like to
send that data area contents as the sentinel file.

I am planning on RTVDTAARA into a CL var, then SQL INSERT that into a
table to be dropped onto a network file via QNTC as the sentinel file.

Any better / simpler method?

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On 2/8/2013 3:08 PM, Stone, Joel wrote:

What is a simple way to accomplish?

Anything better than CL & SQL?

I know it helps me if I can have an understanding of the business
problem. Is there a 3rd party program putting a status in a data area
and you want to keep an audit log? What tooling is available to you?
CL, Cobol, Java, MI, PL/I, Python, QShell, Rexx, RPG? What drawbacks
would you like to avoid? Batch, interactive (is response time
paramount)? Are you in 'let's learn something cutting edge' mode, or
more like 'let's just bang this one out'?

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