Hi, Jeff:

Absent any other "cross-reference" tools to assist with this, you can do this:

FNDSTRPDM STRING('procedureName') FILE(yourSrcLib/yourSrcFile) MBR(*ALL) +

Assuming your source members have the same name as the *MODULE that is created from that member, this should help.

Maintenance will be easier if you avoid binding *MODULEs into more than one place (one *PGM or one *SRVPGM only).

Hope that helps,

Mark S .Waterbury

> On 2/7/2013 9:11 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
I have an ILE program that consists of 1 main RPGLE module, 2 service
programs and 4 other modules used by this program.
The main program uses some procedures from the service programs and others
from the bound modules.
Given the following in the main module: GetMyValue (parmA : parmB : parmC)
How do I find what module the procedure GetMyValue is located in?
I *had* thought it would appear in the DSPPGM info, but I can not find it.

The issue I am having is that I am receiving an error from the GetMyValue
procedure, but the message does not identify what module is issuing it. I
can (and have) used DEBUG to step into this, but was looking for a better


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