This is an amazing story Scott!

Good for you for pushing the hospital staff and making them stick with it
until they recognized a problem and acted on it!

Too many times E.R. staff are so jaded by all the people coming in to take
advantage and/or get free drugs that they will miss it when someone
genuinely needs help.

Please keep up all posted and good luck! It sounds like you are on the
other side of the mountain now at least!

Shannon O'Donnell

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I'm feeling weird. Half of my body doesn't work right, and I can't feel it
properly. I feel dizzy a lot of the time, and my muscles get really sore
from workouts. My body gets very tired very easily.

However, emotionally, I'm doing really well. I feel very high-spirited and
ready to take on the world.

I have started blogging about my spinal cord injury and the recovery process
if anyone is interested in following along:

I just began it last night, so the blog has to catch up to my progress, but
this should be working soon.

On 2/4/2013 12:03 PM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
And Scott: Thanks for your detailed response Now that the immediate
problem is solved, I'm going to re-read it in depth, in order to learn
as much as I can from it. How are you feeling?

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