Hi Vern
Thank you for your reply. Also, thank you for your replies to the
multitude of questions that have been posted to these forums over the
years. I have learned a lot from the wise council that you and others
freely give.
(Public display of sincere gratitude is now over, so I'll get back
to the business at hand.)

What good is ILE? ILE doesn't enforce structured and modular
programming. And I was doing that before ILE. I was taught
structured technique in university back in the 80's and the
professors enforced it. I'd fail assignments if they ever found a
GOTO! As soon as I got a job, I kept up those good techniques.
(Plus, I am far too lazy to write the same piece of code twice.)

You are correct that I intentionally mentioned all those terms as
a type of "FUD". But that was the point. All that "FUD"
(or more complexity as I prefer to call it) and I still don't see any
great benefit.

You wrote that ILE gives a smaller object size. Is that a great
benefit? Perhaps it was in the 80's, but is that still true today?

I didn't realize that compiling CL as ILE improves performance. So
I concede, that could be a benefit. How much does it improve
performance though? Enough to justify more complicated programs and
compiles? I don't know, but I am asking.

Which brings me to the question of anonymity. I apologize for
that. I don't have the confidence that others have and so I prefer
not to have my name public. I do hope you'll still consider my
questions valid though. Thank you

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