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I am not aware of anything in a source that tells WHO made the change. I've used TurnOver, and I don't know about that product, whether it tracks this. I'm with David - journal the source files - if you can. The tracking of these changes would have to be in some other table, or you would use deltas, which I describe below in relation to SVN (Subversion).

An alternative is to get some kind of SVN thing that can manage source members - that thing can show differences and who did them - it doesn't store the entire source member, only changes, and those can be tagged by user. At least, I think that is right. The problem is getting SVN to work with source PFs. My former boss has been working on that occasionally, as has Aaron Bartell. And IBM's Rational Team Concert can user SVN repositories, so it might have that information.


On 1/17/2013 3:26 PM, David Gibbs wrote:
On 1/17/2013 2:55 PM, John Candidi wrote:
Is there something I can use to retrieve the last user who changed
source code. I would like to run this versus a bunch of source
objects , not just one....
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Outside of a change control system (like Implementer), the best you could do is possibly journal source members.

A change control system would probably be able to provide more information about changes than you could ever want <grin/>.

If you would like some information about Implementer, feel free to contact me privately.

(who works for PTC, formerly MKS, on the Implementer product in addition to running midrange.com)

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