What system unit is this? Generally the DVD is connected to the RAID card in the System Unit so you'd need to move that. You might recall that often Disk Units are attached to that RAID card which makes moving the DVD problematic. :-)

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On 1/15/2013 9:09 AM, Orville_Meredith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I am needing to move the U78AA.001.WZSGK47-P2-D2 (internal DVD drive) from
one LPAR to another LPAR. Using the HMC, I checked Hardware I/O tab
within partition that currently controls DVD and could not find it. Also
checked the IBM manual for this device and only found out what location it
should be at (P2-D2).

Known facts:
HMC is at V7R7.4.0.2
System is a 720 (8202-E4B)
Controller for U78AA.001.WZSGK47-P2-D2 is U78AA.001.WZSGK47-P1-C13

Any help would be appreciated.

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